Heute eine Übersicht über alle wichtigen Seiten, Foren und Communities zu Slackware

Slackware Webseite

Slackware Wiki / Dokumentationsprojekt

Slackware Forum

Security Mailinglist


Slackbuilds.org – Large repository of Linux Software along with buildscripts for Slackware

MATE for Slackware

Cinnamon for Slackware

Alien Bob Software repository (Binaries and Slackbuilds, be aware there might be dependencies)



WIllySR Blog about Slackware

AlienBob Blog (lots of KDE 5,  Flash and Libreoffice related information to stay up to date, and of course famous Live Editions and Multilib)

Slackware Linux Google Plus Community

Robby Workmans Place


to be continued…